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We would like to ask for your help in making our community a safer and more accessible place for all individuals with mobility problems.

Almost 2 million Ontario residents (all ages) have mobility problems. In Elgin County, over 8,000 residents have mobility problems, half of which are 65 years or older.  While these individuals make up a significant portion of the general population, many buildings are made without considering their special needs.

The Thumbs Up committee has developed a program that is intended to raise awareness about safety and accessibility issues concerning public buildings in our community.

The Thumbs Up program’s  focus is to recognize businesses and services within a community, that have  made an effort to be accessible, safe  and user friendly for individuals with mobility problems. It is a positive and voluntary program and a Thumbs Up window decal is awarded after a spot check has been completed and the necessary requirements are found to be present.  In order to pass the spot check, the premise inspected must meet the standard for being accessible to all who have mobility or visual problems of any kind, so as to enable them to  enter, move about  and leave safely.  Businesses and services that have been awarded a decal are asked to place it so that it is visible to the public.

It is our hope that you will see the value in this program. As of 2025, the Ontario Government will have in place standards to make Ontario a safe, accessible Province. The coming of the new regulations make it even more important to start making changes now.

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Congratulations to the Open Kitchen (877 Talbot Street) - the newest "Thumbs Up" place in St. Thomas.
The Thumbs Up program was honoured on Thursday, April 27, 2006 with a Civics Award from the city of St. Thomas, Ontario Canada. Congratulations - a definite THUMBS UP! View Photos
A representative of "Thumbs Up" will glady visit to explain the "Thumbs Up" program to anyone who is interested in making their business or organization barrier free.


(for visually impaired)